Special Offers

All instruments are professionally reconditioned and will come with a 3 month warranty. Extended warranty is available on request.

Leica RM2135 Rotary Microtome

  • Equipped with internal maintenance free cross-roller bearings that provide extremely smooth operation.
  • Specimen retraction feature that can be turned on or off.
  • Trim setting feature between 10 and 30 microns.
  • Consistent perfect sections are achieved through a setting range of 1-60 microns.
  • The hand wheel can be locked in any position.
  • The base plate has an integrated arm rest for fatigue-free operation.

Leica RM2235 Rotary Microtome

  • Suited for those who expect precision sectioning and appreciate the feel and extra measure of control during manual sectioning.
  • The one-piece, protective housing provides long product life.
  • Compact base features a wrap-around, magnetized waste tray for space-saving convenience.
  • Ergonomically located coarse feed wheel for fatigue-free operation.
  • Section thickness: 1 – 60 µm Vertical stroke 70mm.

Sakura Linear Stainer II

  • Stains up to 20 slides every two minutes per staining cycle and checks itself for procedure errors. Features include
  • Continuous loading.
  • Eliminates batching of slides.
  • Flexible for stains, solvents and other reagents with a maximum of six on-line washing stations
  • Unbreakable plastic staining reservoirs
  • Acrylic Cover to prevent air contamination.
  • Fume ventilator for operator safety.
  • Activated carbon filter for optimised fume control
  • Efficient operation reduces solution contamination.
  • Easy to use: just load and go.

Sakura Tissue TEK 4710 Embedding Centre

  • Used for encasing processed tissue in paraffin creating blocks ready for sectioning.
  • Includes embedding and cryo consoles that work in conjunction with one and other.
  • Embedding console features two modes, manual and automatic timer mode.
  • Individual temperature control of the forceps wells, hot plate, paraffin chamber and the left and right chambers.
  • Functions are all controlled by the upfront and control indicator.
  • Ergonomic design