AIS are able to offer the following cassette and slide printers from TBS and Sakura

SHUR/Mark® Cassette Labeller

  • Proven Technology
  • Software Options Offer Extensive Data Customization
  • Cassette Hoppers Increase Operator Efficiency
  • Permanently Printed Cassettes and Slides Are Impervious to Reagents
  • LIS Connectivity
  • Additional accessories provide the flexibility to add further convenience and automation as workloads increase or budgets permit.
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SHUR/Mark® Slide Labeller

  • Make a permanent “Mark” in Histology with SHUR/Mark‘s proven technology.
  • The first instrumentation to automate and efficiently manage the slide labelling process.
  • Proven technology automatically feeds prints and collates slides sequentially.
  • Extensive data customization, input efficiencies and data storage capabilities.
  • Easy to use.
  • LIS Connectivity
  • The SHUR/Mark® slide labeller uses a diamond stylus to permanently etch the paint from the slide. Permanent etching will not be affected by stains, xylene or any other reagents.
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Sakura IDent Cassette and Slide Printers – The Sakura IDent™ Cassette & Slide Printers offer a manual printing method for low-volume laboratories. The IDent™ Cassette Printer can print up to 2 lines of 16 positions each, while the IDent™ Slide Printer can print up to 4 lines of 16 positions each, with small or large characters. The printers are capable of printing all numbers, symbols and special characters, such as µ, a, ε, Ω, π, ß and roman numbers. The ink is resistant to all reagents commonly used in histology or cytology laboratories. A standard keyboard and a separate numeric keyboard for quick data entry in combination with the 10-program, user-specific software configuration allows the user to operate the IDent™ printers in a fast, safe, precise and very flexible manner.

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