AIS is able to offer the following coverslipper from TBS

SHUR/Mount Robotic Glass Coverslipper 

  • Innovative Mechanisms - Bubble-free dispensing,  automatic storage of dispenser tip in xylene,  adjustable speed, max of 400 slides/hour
  • Reliability – Proven track record (over 10 years), highly reliable technology platform
  • Safety First - Minimize fumes w/ forced air exhaust system or the optional activated charcoal filter
  • Maximum Flexibility - Accepts a wide range of commercially available glass microscope slides, glass coverslips, and mounting mediums
  • Automation – Innovative xylene bath for slide specimen staging, 3 racks of 20 slides can be loaded, automatic sensing of slide positions, individual drying racks can be removed
  • Increased Efficiency - Simple changing of mounting media with new screw on cap assembly, eliminates the need to pour mounting media into a different container

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